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Program Description:


JECC's Educational Enhancement Programs (EEP)


JECC prioritize partnerships between parents and Jecc's Educational Specialists in the work towards achieving the desired academic outcomes for children. JECC adjust its intervention to meet the needs of children served and use family members and teachers as resource persons to develop the child's Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Children are matched with Educational Specialists based on needs and skill sets. Parents are provided regular progress reports and the evaluation of the ILP is continuous. Ongoing evaluations ensures appropriate instruction and goal completion.




JECC's Couples and Family Therapy


JECC's Marriage and Family Therapists are Mastered level clinicians and utilize a strength based and systemic framework for engaging couples and families in the work towards restoring relationships. Although the MFTs are trained in an array of therapeutic methodologies, all therapists receive, at a minium, level 2 Gottman couples therapy training and use the Sound House Relationship Theory which is grounded in over 30 yrs of evidenced based research with couples.  




JECC'S Special Education Consultation (SEC)


JECC offers consultation and advocacy to parents with children who have learning and/or emotional disabilities requiring accommodations to support academic achievement.











To learn more about JECC's programs and schedule a free informational session, please click on the link below:  


For more information 

For general family resources, please click on the link below:

Family Resources

" ...regardless of a child's biological parents, his or her upbringing belongs to the community" let's work together for your child's success and a brighter future for our world. 




JECC offers affordable rates and online payment options for your convenience.


Couples and Family Therapy - One free consultation, Individual sessions starting at $50.00.


Educational Enhancement Program:


Educational Assessments starting at $99.00 and hourly rates can range from $25.00 to $50.00


JECC offers payment arrangements and scholarships based on household income. Scholarships are provided based on availability of funds. Please contact us for more information.   


Special Education Consultation -Starting at $75.00 per hour

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