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JECC Educational Enhancement Program


Students are engaged in unique teaching strategies that not only identify and address academic challenges but also address social and environmental dynamics that may impede on the student’s learning process. Students are also offered individual and group counseling in support of their overall development and academic success (if needed). JECC’s Educational Enhancement Program is based on a 4 step process that is strength based and tailored to influence the student’s environmental and social context in promoting academic success. The methodology (C.A.R.E.) includes the following: 



  • Consultation- Includes overview of an array of educational resources

  • Assessment- Comprehensive process includes individual/family interviews  

  • Review findings and goal development for individualized instruction

  • Evaluation- Ongoing evaluations to ensure targeted outcomes


Educational Consultation


  • Educational Advocacy

  • Special Education Intervention

  • Individual Educational Plans



Counseling and Therapeutic Intervention


Marriage and Family Therapy

  • MFT clinicians who have been trained in the Gottman Couples Therapy method and utilize Gottman techniques within the therapeutic process.

  • Evidenced Based and Research informed couples counseling

  • Pre-Marital Counseling




Marriage Work Shops

  • Restoring trust and managing conflict

  • Cultivating friendship and intimacy

  • Co-Parenting

  • Healthy Blended Families




Positive Youth Development Groups (ages 13 to 17) 

  • Resolving Conflict and Managing Emotions

  • Identity and Culture

  • Managing Peer Pressure

  • Effective Problem Solving








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