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Nakia L. Williams, Ed.D


Dr. Williams resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the founder of Johanna’s Educational and Counseling Center LLC (JECC).  She is an innovative entrepreneur and has been an educator for over two decades. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education at Virginia State University and a Master’s degree in Education Administration from Cheyney University. She also earned a Doctoral degree in Special Education from Arcadia University. Dr. Williams has taught in various settings across major metropolitan school districts including Philadelphia PA, North Penn, PA and Cheltenham PA. Additionally, Dr. Williams has provided leadership and consultation within the virtual learning industry advising on special education instruction; behavior management; inclusive and adaptive learning; and recruitment and retention of certified educators.   


Dr. Williams has a particular interest in inclusive practices for children with intellectual disabilities with an emphasis on how this population is impacted culturally, socially and emotionally as compared to their non-disabled peers.  Additionally, she gives special consideration to the degree to which secondary institutions are preparing students with and without intellectual disabilities to be competitive in post-secondary education/ work or trade environments and the implications on adolescent and young adult development. She has conducted extensive research on these topics and has a wealth of information to share.


Dr. Williams believes that all children have an innate desire to learn.  She is an advocate and champion of students reaching their full-potential and is passionate about helping youngsters find and cultivate their passions.   Dr. Williams is particularly interested in supporting families, youth and adolescents who encounter academic difficulties to ensure that the whole family is aware, enlightened, and empowered.



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